Portrait of W.A. IJsselsteijn

Portrait of Y.A.W. de Kort

Portrait of W.M. van den Hoogen
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

Portrait of H.H.Nap
Postdoc - G@L
Gaming Elderly

Portrait of B.J. Gajadhar
PhD Student - G@L
Social play

Portrait of W. Oosting
PhD Student - G@L
Parental mediation

Portrait of M.C.Boschman
Facility manager
Technical support

- Former Colleagues -

Portrait of K. Poels
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

Portrait of S. Zubic
S. Zubic (PDEng)
Interface implementation

Portrait of A.D. Pekel
MTD student - G@L
Interface design

Portrait of J. van Damme
J. van Damme (BSc)
Master's thesis
Social facilitation

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The Game Experience Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology is an interdisciplinary group of scholars working together to better understand the captivating player experiences associated with digital games. We explore digital gaming from a variety of perspectives, including conceptualisation and measurement of player experiences, positive and negative effects of games and gaming, gaming as spectator sports, new gaming interfaces and their effects on player experience, gaming for special or unexpected user groups, and social phenomena around digital gaming.

Apply for Questionnaires?

Are you interested in applying the Game Experience Questionnaire (GEQ) or the Social Presence in Gaming Questionnaire (SPGQ) for your own research? Please contact our lab and we will provide you the requested measurement tools as soon as possible.