Portrait of W.A. IJsselsteijn

Portrait of Y.A.W. de Kort

Portrait of W.M. van den Hoogen
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

Portrait of H.H.Nap
Postdoc - G@L
Gaming Elderly

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PhD Student - G@L
Social play

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PhD Student - G@L
Parental mediation

Portrait of M.C.Boschman
Facility manager
Technical support

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Portrait of K. Poels
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

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S. Zubic (PDEng)
Interface implementation

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MTD student - G@L
Interface design

Portrait of J. van Damme
J. van Damme (BSc)
Master's thesis
Social facilitation

Martin Boschman


Martin Boschman studied Technical Physics at the IHBO Eindhoven. He started in 1982 as a technical assistant and later became a research associate working for the Vision Research group at the Institute for Perception Research (IPO). His main research activities over the years were related to image quality of visual displays. He investigated metrics related to the legibility and visual comfort of visual displays. Two of those - scaled visual comfort and search velocity in a letter search task - were found to be adequate yard sticks for the perceptual quality of visual displays and were submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that included them in a .Normative Annex to ISO-9241-Part3., the standard on "Visual Display Requirements". Later he developed and published tools for the analysis of ordinal category ratings of perceptual attributes (ThurCatD) and for the analysis of category ratings of perceived attribute differences (DifScal). In 2000 Martin Boschman became facility manager of the laboratories of the Human Technology Interaction group of the Department Technology Management at the TU/e. He is responsible for designing, building and maintaining experimental facilities, for instrumental investments and budget management and for the coordination of the use of the laboratories.