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Yvonne de Kort


Yvonne de Kort is assistant professor environmental psychology and co-director of the Game Experience Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her main research interests are restorative effects of environments, situated social interaction and play (digital gaming), and locatedness in mediated communication and social interaction.

Her PhD research concerned independent living for older persons, focusing on both technical and psychological determinants of successful aging-in-place. She received her degree in 1999 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Since then she has been working as assistant professor Environment and Behaviour, in the Human-Technology Interaction Group of the Department of Technology Management. As environmental psychologist, she specializes in the interaction between humans and their socio-physical environment, studying the molar, reciprocal relationships between behaviour and experience, and the social, built and natural environment.

Yvonne leads two European funded projects at TUe (PASION and Games@Large), and is involved in three additional European projects (FUGA, ASTRA, 3D Presence). She supervises PhD students and postdocs, has published numerous papers in various journals and conference proceedings, has co-organised scientific workshops and conferences (e.g. Persuasive 06 and 07), and is active as a reviewer for various journals and conferences.

Personal webpage: http://www.yvonnedekort.nl

Current research

With the researchers in the Game Experience Lab, we aim to better understand player experiences associated with digital games. We explore digital gaming from a variety of perspectives, including conceptualization and measurement of player experiences, positive and negative effects of games and gaming, gaming as spectator sports, new gaming interfaces and their effects on player experience, gaming for special or unexpected user groups, and social phenomena around digital gaming.

Two perspectives that I consider special and very important in this line of research are (1) our multi-method approach to measuring game experience, which is an excellent and perhaps the only way to capture something as complex, varied and dynamic as gaming experience, and (2) our consideration not only of game characteristics, but also the physical and social context of play . where and with whom we play . in explorations of game experience. After all, often play is not so much about the game itself, but about spending time with others and our relationship to them.

My general research interests are the restorative effects of environments (the reduction of psycho-physiological stress and renewal of psychological resources), situated social interaction and play (digital gaming), and locatedness in mediated communication and social interaction. My earlier work has also covered topics such as, healing gardens, privacy and identity in hospitals, flexible office environments, the evaluation of children's day care centres, independent living for the elderly, and housing needs for psycho-geriatric patients.

I have a fascination with the interplay of individual, contextual and technological factors, especially in domains of health and well-being. From a methodological viewpoint, my research is often characterized by the explicit combination of subjective (self-report) and objective (task performance, overt behaviour, reaction times, psycho-physiological measures) assessments.