Portrait of W.A. IJsselsteijn

Portrait of Y.A.W. de Kort

Portrait of W.M. van den Hoogen
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

Portrait of H.H.Nap
Postdoc - G@L
Gaming Elderly

Portrait of B.J. Gajadhar
PhD Student - G@L
Social play

Portrait of W. Oosting
PhD Student - G@L
Parental mediation

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Facility manager
Technical support

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Portrait of K. Poels
Postdoc - Fuga
Game Experience

Portrait of S. Zubic
S. Zubic (PDEng)
Interface implementation

Portrait of A.D. Pekel
MTD student - G@L
Interface design

Portrait of J. van Damme
J. van Damme (BSc)
Master's thesis
Social facilitation


Presentation at: ICA 2010 Matters of Communication

June 22-26 2010 (Singapore)

Why do we smile when dying virtually? Insights on Player Experience from Physiological and Self Report measures (presenter: Wouter van den Hoogen)

Presentation at: E-Youth | Balancing between opportunities and risks?

May 27-28 2010 (Antwerp, Belgium)

Parental mediation of children's digital game-play: Positive parents taking action! (presenter: Willem Oosting)

Presentations at: Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2010

February 4-5 2010 (Gent, Belgium)
  • Why do we smile when dying virtually? Insights on Player Experience from Physiological and Self Report measures (presenter: Wouter van den Hogen)
  • Parents, children, and digital games: An explorative study of parental mediation strategies (presenter: Willem Oosting)
  • Presentation at: ACE 2009

    October 29-31 2009 (Athene, Greece)

    Game Seminar:
    Influence of Co-Player Presence on Player Experience in Digital Games

    June 2 2009, 11am-12am (Ipo 0.26, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

    Digital gaming has long been regarded as an isolated activity. Recent literature however shows the exact opposite, and highlights the social character of playing digital games. Digital games are a natural means for bringing people together, even when this is not originally intended. People of all ages are playing with relatives, friends, and even strangers, enjoying competing or collaborating with them. Besides playing themselves, many people enjoy talking about a game and watching others play.

    Although the presence of others in play settings seems natural, in most theoretical models of in-game player experience social context has been largely neglected. These models define game experience as the product of the interaction between player and game. The presence of others is even considered a potential threat to a player's involvement. These models however are not based on empirical studies, because the interplay between player experience - enjoyment and involvement - and social context has not been thoroughly tested yet.

    As digital gaming often takes place in different social contexts, we believe that inclusion of social context is a must for player experience models. To support this with empirical results, we therefore conducted experiments in which several social settings were studied. (presenter: Brian Gajadhar)

    Fun and Games 2008

    October 20-21 2008 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

    Fun and Games 2008 is a single-track conference that is aimed at bringing together resaerchers, designers and developers interested in applications of novel technologies in the areas of games and entertainment. It will provide a venue for sharing experiences and findings regarding innovations, design work, as well as theoretical and empirical investigations relating to the experience and the impact of related applications. (presenter: Brian Gajadhar)

    Game seminar: Agression


    Agression due to computer games. The view of Ferguson vs Anderson & Bushman (presenters: Brian Gajadhar & Willem Oosting)

    Workshop "Evaluating User Experiences in Games" at ACM CHI

    April 5-20 2008 (Florence, Italy)

    Organisers are: Regina Bernhaupt (University of Salzburg, ICT&S Center), Wijnand IJsselsteijn (Eindhoven University of Technology), Florian "Floyd" Mueller (The University of Melbourne), Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg, ICT&S Center), Dennis Wixon (Microsoft). More information

    Presentation at DiGRA-NL

    December 14 2007, 3pm-5pm (Facultyclub, Academiegebouw, Utrecht)

    (presenter: Wijnand IJselsteijn)

    GameXPlab launch & Birthday of Pong™!

    November 29 2007, 3:30pm-5pm

    Launch of the GameXPlab (presenters: Wijnand IJsselsteijn & Yvonne de Kort)